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  Topic : شʹ⡧ ArtMoney Pro 7.30.1

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شʹ⡧ ArtMoney Pro 7.30.1 ش حŧ¹Ըշ ö⡧᷺ء蹺 Ѻ ǹҨʹء سŴ索Ҵ 蹹 ö⡧Ѻ Emulator Ҩ NES Sega Genesis PC-Engine Sony Playstation 繵 Screenshot ҹҧ

-=Ը⡧ =-
á ͡⡧Դ㹤 ٻ Game Running [CRC=.0779fbdb] ( Emulator ͧ PlayStation 2) ͧ

ҡ Search Ҥҷͧ ǻ͹ҷͧŧ ҡҧҹ Ţ 35 ͤҨӹǹͧ Megalixir ҡ Item Megalixir 34

ҡǡ Filter ͹ 34 鹷 ٤Ҩҡ¹ŧҹ 8 ͡ǷҨҡش á (Address 038....)

(ͧҡ Emulator Address 038....) 㨡 Megalixir աѹ 33 ǡ Filter ա ͹ 33 ŧ ӹǹͧǴҹ¨͹ŧ (Ҩǡ ͡ʶ١ͧ 99%) ǡ١Ҵҹ (١տ) 䢤Ҩҡ 33 -- - > 99 ѹ Ҷ١ͧŢ 99 鹷ѹ !!!!!!!!!!!!





ժ ⡧ҡ˹ Ŵش 0 ͡ʷж١ͧйŧҡ¹ФѺ ͧҨ Сѧࡵ Emulator ͧ PS2 纤 item Address 鹵鹴Ţ 038.... Ѻ

ػ ⡧ͧ Item Դҧ 1 ФѺ

ArtMoney is a cheating program you can use for all games. ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity. In spite of its title ArtMoney actually allows you to change any quantity specified in a game whether it be dollars bullets swords or health points. The program finds a hex address based on the input parameters you set and prints these addresses with their corresponding values. For example if your character has 1 431 dollars ArtMoney searches and displays all memory addresses containing the value of 1431. Of course as there can be hundreds of memory addresses displayed after a simple search you will need to filter this addresses.

What is new in 7.30.1 (February 27 2009)

Fixed bug with pointers.

New option - "Scan memory area of system modules". The probability to find the values in memory area of system modules is practically zero. Disable this option. it will decrease the scanning memory size and the scan speed will increase.

New option - "Scan memory area of shared modules". Shared modules load in each process. For example antivirus or driver modules. The probability to find the values in memory area of shared modules is less then 1%. Disable this option. it will decrease the scanning memory size and the scan speed will increase.

The process map showed as many-coloured table. System module is green line. Shared module is yellow line. The process map works on Windows 95/98.

Error message appears on screen when the program can not open a process. In this case ArtMoney Pro will try to use own functions to open the process.

Pointer-To-Pointer. Now you can set a pointer to other pointer. Search for Pointer-To-Pointer will be in next version.

Updated emulator options. New emulators options for NES Sega Genesis PC-Engine Sony Playstation.

New type - "Assembly instruction". An assembly language is a low-level language for programming computers. It implements a symbolic representation of the numeric machine codes and other constants needed to program a particular CPU architecture. Each assembly instruction typically consists of an operation plus zero or more operands. Generally an operation is a symbolic name for a single executable machine language instruction. You can edit an assembly instruction. If new instruction size is less then existing instruction size then the program will add machine instructions that does nothing (NOP instructions). Search for assembly instruction will be in next version.

Fixed bug in formula filter when the program compares two recordsets of addresses

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